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Some quotes by the press about our new album, "Time":

"a delightful album, easily accessible but with enough twists and turns to pull you back for more".
(Mick Mercer's Panache, March '24)

"Cryogenica has clearly put forth a maximum effort to make this album the band’s best yet. It may not necessarily be a groundbreaker for the genre, but it’s nonetheless a decidedly compelling listening experience".
(ReGen Magazine, May '24)


"At its heart, this is gothic rock, but updated and blended to create a modern gem full of energy, spirit and enjoyability".

Nocturnazine, June 2024

"Time" is available via Ditto Music now from the streaming platforms below:

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 20.28.08.jpeg
Time V2 Front Cover.jpg

Or download "Time" from our                             store!


New single "In A Twist" available now from                             
and all streaming platforms!

In A Twist cover.JPG

Please click on the. pdf link below to download lyrics & credits for "Time":

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