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Cryogenica are a London based, alternative rock band. They formed under the name “I Am No One” in 2006. Their debut, self-titled album, released worldwide digitally and independently in the same year was experimental in nature – fusing Curve-esque guitar tones and NIN influenced electronics and loops with haunting, ethereal vocals. The album was intended to bridge a gap between both the “goth” and “industrial” genres and subsequent live shows helped the band to successfully bridge that gap.


In March 2007, they played their debut gig at Madame JoJo’s in London to a sell out crowd, then later opened for Sheep On Drugs and Wendy James’ “Racine” band. Following a name change to “Cryogenica” in 2008 and a performance at the Black Planet club, they were nominated for a NME Indy Award in the ‘Best Alternative Category’. They continued to support their debut album with more live shows, opening for ASP, Lahannya, The Last Dance and Global Citizen. In 2009, they released “Redux”, an EP of re-worked versions of songs from their debut album. Re-Gen magazine described this EP as evolving their “previous sound into something with more substance and distinctiveness”, it received positive reviews in Sphere and Devolution magazines and was well received by fans.


In 2010 they released their second album (or their first under the “Cryogenica” name, depending on your view), “Re-Animation” via Resurrection Records. Nocturnal Magazine (2010) described this album as possessing “a truly unique sound” and was “one hell of a calling card”. “Re-animation” continued the band’s experimental sound, this time exploring differing time signatures and juxtaposing heavier guitar and synth tones with more haunting, electronic sound designs. Their “Re-animation” album also included a cover of Gary Numan’s “RIP” which to this day, has remained a (fairly) regular inclusion in their live set.


The band were also invited to film a “live music” slot at The Forum in Kentish Town for the TV show, “Goths”. Sadly, the TV show was ultimately shelved by the studio. Photos taken from the filming are available on their Facebook page.


Following the success of their “re-animation” album and having established themselves on the live circuit in London, the band continued with live shows throughout 2011 and 2012, and secured main support slots for Helalyn Flowers, Inertia and The Beauty of Gemina.

The band independently re-mastered and re-released their debut album in 2012 and released their third album “from the shadows” in 2014. “From The Shadows” was intentionally a heavier album, drawing inspiration from Ministry and Killing Joke whilst also subtly fusing horror movie soundtracks for additional ambiance. The album was written and produced by Cryogenica, mixed and mastered by Reza Udhin (of Inertia/Killing Joke) at Cryonica Studios.

They released their "Utopia" EP in May 2017 and the companion remix EP "Dystopia" six months later and continued with regular live shows. These live shows took on a more independent, DIY approach whereby the band started to organise and promote each event themselves as showcase events, to give “live” opportunities to new and emerging artists.

They released their new album "Time" in March 2024.

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